The Forum is VFC’s discussion-based events held across campus in Residence Halls, designed to dive into these questions. These meetings are meant to be an open dialogue (not debate) about big questions like: “What is the meaning of life?” Or “What’s wrong with the world?” Through these discussions, we seek to learn from each other and get to know each other better. Whether you are religious or not, you are welcome to come and participate!

We will have The Forum in these residence halls for the 2017-2018 school year:

Hess Hall

Drew Williams : 423-314-1794
Tess Dykstra : 276-356-8554

Carrick Hall

Jake Cronin : 423-443-8920
Hannah Olsen : 615-957-5302

Brown Hall

Leyton Adams : 865-228-5796
Madeline Meneley : 423-637-3767

Stokely Hall

Grant Sexton : 865-297-8942
Bria Bannister : 901-626-3721

Clement Hall

Abe Wood : 865-719-5090
Nilah Newberry : 615-973-4838

Massey Hall

Matt Bowers : 423-552-8126
Julia Horst : 301-988-4247

Orange/White Halls

Jackson Landis : 865-255-5852
Saraya Landis : 423-817-0456